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All About Schmus & St. Clair

Feel like there is no hope? Well never fear, because Robert Schmus and Nick St. Clair are here to help those on the spectrum and their families. By booking our services, we will help to empower autistic individuals, their families, and their community.


We Are Here To Empower


Get Ready to Be Inspired

Through their speaking engagements, Schmus & St. Clair presents their autistic self-advocacy based on their experiences being on the spectrum and provide strategies from those experiences. Packed with life lessons, awareness, useful strategies for those on the spectrum, as well as some humor, your audience will gain the knowledge they need to feel empowered.


We Are Here For You

Let Schmus & St. Clair deliver to you great skills that will have your feel the empowerment they need to be successful. We understand that each autistic person is different when it comes to the challenges they face. However, through our speaking engagements, we hope to inspire each person, their family, and the community with the strength they need.


But, What Is It?

You must be asking yourselves, "Schmus & St. Clair says those their speaking engagements inspire those on the spectrum, but what exactly do they talk about?" Well, I am glad you ask. As stated before, our talks focus on self-advocacy through experience and the strategies learned from that experience. However, the following topics are discussed within those talks:

  • Navigating through social challenges and build on social skills.

  • Understanding how narrowed interests can be strengths.

  • How to work on obtaining employment.

  • Transitioning from adolescence into adulthood.

  • How to cope with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

  • How the community as a whole can help autistic individuals

  • And many more!

The Schmus & St. Clair Team

Robert Schmus

Robert Schmus, MSW, LCSW

Robert is a passionate self-advocate. One way he currently does this is by working with individuals on the spectrum as a therapist at a residential house. He provides individual therapy and group therapy for this population. He also uses his self-advocacy skills by engaging in motivational speaking engagements. He has passionately done this for the past few years covering a variety of topics relating to autism and self advocacy, such as finding romance, gaining social skills, navigating through services, transitioning into adulthood, and many more. Living on the spectrum, he brings his refreshing, insightful perspectives as a clinician and an autistic person to his presentations, providing helpful information to families, people with autism and other neuro-diversities and the people who support them. In his free time, he loves traveling, working out, reading, writing, painting, listening to music, as well as spending time with his family, friends, and girlfriend.

Nick St. Clair

Nick St. Clair

Nick St. Clair is a person who does artwork and public speeches. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. As a child, he had a lot of trouble making friends, expressing his feelings, and expressing what he wanted everytime something caught his eye. However, Nick was obsessed with cartoons every day since the age of 2 so he started drawing at the age of 12. It became his hobby to show to other people every time he drew a cartoon.  Many years later he realized that showing his artwork has not only helped him make new friends and relationships along the way, it has also helped him develop Nick's social skills by learning from his friends and peers after he showed his art so that he can be able to help advocate for himself better and become more respected. As a result, drawing became Nick's vehicle for self advocating throughout his life. Because of his story, he has now done 5 speeches, has displayed his artwork in over 15 different libraries and galleries across New Jersey, has volunteered to help  autistic individuals and Is always eager for a new opportunity to help give back those who gave Nick the help he once needed so he can develop new skills to help better the autism community.


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